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Align Your Body, Mind and Soul

The very existence of a human being constitutes of five layers that transmutes into their overall well-being. As per Yoga philosophy, these are termed as Pancha (five) kosha (sheaths) and most simplistically are classified as:

1. Annamaya kosha (experienced as food or physical layer);

2. Pranamaya Kosha (experienced as breath or energetic layer);

3. Manomaya Kosha (experienced as thoughts and feelings or mental-emotional & intellectual layer);

4. Vijanamaya Kosha (experienced as openness to receiving knowledge & wisdom or intuition & wisdom layer);

5. Anandamaya Kosha (experienced as peace and pure awareness or bliss layer)

The essence of a being is its soul (known as Atman in Sanskrit), which means a human being in its entirety, with all the layers aligned well and able to experience life to its fullest potential, that is, to each his own. To be able to experience the last two layers to their fullest, the first three layers need some training and discipline. "Atha Yoganushasanam"- Yoga Sutra 1, Samadhi pada, which translates to, "Now with the discipline of yoga" where it means by that, without discipline, nothing can be achieved, and so we begin with the discipline of yoga. 

Wellness is when all layers of a being are in complete harmony with each other, helping one live and grow as a whole, body, mind, heart and spirit, with awareness, achieving their dreams and goals as well as fulfilling their responsibilities and purpose of being on this planet, from a centered space. In other words, wellness is Yoga. "Yogah karmasu kaushalam"-Bhagavad Gita, which translates to "yoga is skill in action", where "skill" means, skill in the way of living.

As per most healing modalities, since we all have different body constitutions, a food/exercise, diet/fitness or activity plan that suits one, may not suit or be effective and conducive to the well-being of the other, as we all have different requirements based on our individual physiology and body-mind type. 

Kosha Alignment and Wellness Centre offers to provide holistic tools and coaching for your overall well-being, through customized wellness plans as per your specific needs. 

Mission Statement

To spread, inspire and give back to the community, sharing knowledge about utilizing mindful and individualized wellness routines that affect our whole well-being. 

"The purpose of a human being is to be able to identify compassionately with other human beings, and when one is healthy and aligned with their own being, from the core, it comes naturally and effortlessly."

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