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Our Energy body and Crystals

Crystals, gemstones and semiprecious stones have been highly valued throughout the history of humankind for their powerful properties of healing and manipulating our energy body anatomy which is also known as our Chakra system. There are seven main chakras in our energy body, each of which corresponds to a physical and glandular location and emotional state. When a chakra is blocked or is out of balance within our energy body, our physiological body experiences the symptoms of it too. The vibrations of these stones can be used to modify our thoughts and emotions on a subtle energetic level and restore balance and harmony in our body.  When used in addition to yogic practices, their potency is intensified.

Öorja Healing jewels, a division of Kosha Alignment and Wellness, carries beautiful handmade jewelry for healing benefits of the specific chakras of the wearer.


"We are in our center, when all aspects of our being are united."

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